You + Me for 2 hours of pure get it done goodness!

One-on-One Workshop

When you started your business you knew there would be some tough times ahead, but you were ready!  You knew that will a little hustle, grit and google, you could conquer it all!  And for the most part you have!

But truth be told, you've found yourself having to sacrifice a little too much, a little too often, usually at the expense of yourself, your freedom, and your loved ones!

What if it didn't have to be that way?  What if you could run a successful business with the clarity, confidence, and the freedom you always wanted?

You ABSOLUTELY CAN! You just need to get your systems, processes and automations in place so that you can get there!  Let me show you how.

Join me virtually as we discuss and FIX your systems!

1:1 Virtual Workshop

Let's join forces and combine your amazing service with my systems genius with on the spot consulting and hands-on implementation to organize and automate the things that steal your time and drive you crazy.  During this session, we will focus on one task/process/system at a time.  Scroll on down to see what that might look like for you.

Ready? Let's roll (and enroll)

Choose your adventure

that are tailored to your business and offers.

Audit or Select Systems

use time blocking and set up your availability to support your dream lifestyle.

Wrangle Your Calendar

so you can achieve inbox zero without anything falling through the cracks!

Organize Your Inbox

on tools like Dubsado, ClickUp, Zapier, Google, Kartra, Infusionsoft, FG Funnels & more.

Systems Training

so you can manage your project, tasks, and team.

Organize ClickUp

so you can relax knowing that your process works like a well-oiled machine.

Fix Your Existing Flows

so that you no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to do something and hope you remember it all!

Map Out Workflow Steps

that can cut out lots of the little manual steps in your processes and save you time.

Create Zapier Automations

so you know where everything is and goes!  No more wasted time trying to remember or search for things.

Organize Your File Hub

Who is this for?

1:1 Workshops are for entrepreneurs who support other business owners and brands.

No matter what the current state of affairs in your biz, I'm here to help.  These workshops are designed to help you build and manage your business with ease.  

From workflows to productivity to so much more, I'm your wing woman!

You've come this far but sometimes you need a little boost or hand up to get you further along faster!

What got you here won't get you there!

How It Works

First, let's book your 2-hour workshop and make payment to how your workshop date.  You'll be able to share what you'd like to focus on during our session when you book.  I'm so excited to support you and my calendar books up fast, so get booking!

Book Your Workshop

get booked now

We'll meet for your workshop on Google Meet to discuss the challenges you're facing and map out the best solutions for your business model so that we'll know exactly what we need to implement.  You'll be able to share your screen with to show me anything you need help with.  I'll also share my screen to give you training, guidance, examples or make on the spot adjustments if needed.

The fun begins!

After the workshop, I'll send you the link to your recording and you'll receive 7 business days of support so you can keep on implementing and practicing what we covered.

I won't leave you hanging!  AND you can book another workshop to address other areas of your business once we're done!

After the Workshop

When your workshop is over

you will feel so relieved and excited because a big burden will be lifted, cobwebs will be cleared, suddenly you'll feel like you have more bandwidth and you'll have this renewed sense of possibility in your business!

book your workshop

Kristin thompson, speak.serve.grow.

Marta was my own great-woman-behind-the-woman, without whom I would have never been able to grow my business, working only 3 days a week. That’s right, Marta is the one who has helped me grow my business to over 6 figures. 

"I couldn't run my business without her!"

Dr. sarah farrant vital moms

The are a few people you can call on when it seems like the horizon just keeps moving! Marta Costa  is one of those people; calm, diligent, technically savvy and respectful of your time and deadlines. If at any time you have a “hiccup” along the way she offers solutions to assist you and it’s always better than what you had first thought of. I’m grateful Marta is part of my team.

"I recommend her whole-heartedly if you are looking to take back your time, increase your profits and have stuff taken off your plate!"

Suzanne Falter

Marta Costa is a calm source of wisdom and efficiency in the midst of the usual whirlwind of running an Internet business. Marta also has a powerful command of all things technical, and has built me some of the best web sales pages I’ve used in this business. I feel blessed to have her on our team — and hold her directly responsible for shepherding me through two hugely expansive years in my business! 

"I hold her directly responsible for shepherding me through two hugely expansive years in my business!"

Leslie Potter

As I sit here and watch all the folks sign up, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for you supporting me in making this happen. First times can always be a bit stressful and yet you showed up and supported me through. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

"As I sit here and watch all the folks sign up...."

Leslie Potter

Since working with Marta my engagement has grown by 4 to 5 times, I have had more people come into my programs and my business finally feels like a professional business.

"My business finally feels like a professional business."

kind words