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How to have a biz that supports and sustains you (instead of the other way round!)

July 18, 2017

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We’ve been having a really powerful conversation over here.

In the past week, during my Feel Good Fortune Formula Sessions, at least 3 different business owners had the ‘aha’ that they’ve been spending all of their time on activities that aren’t actually growing their business.

One gal, R. realized that the membership site she’d been working on for a really long time, actually wasn’t a sustainable business model for the life and business she wanted to have.

Another gal, K. has spent months working on her branding and website and content to share on her blog and social media, but she had yet to determine who she wanted to work with or how she would help them.

When you’re building an online business, it’s easy to get carried away in all of the ‘shiny’ stuff out there.  There’s so much to learn, do and try.  And for those of us who are learning-junkies…there is no end to all of the opportunities!

Yet, at some point, it can really bite you in the butt!

You get so ‘busy’ learning and implementing that next ‘new’ thing and chasing down every opportunity that you lose sight of your mission.  You lose sight of the original vision you created for your business.

So, how do you shift out of a business model that doesn’t resonate with your dream business? The business you originally dreamed of when you first started out?  The one that made your heart sing?

1. Slip out the back, Jack.  Ask yourself, if you were starting over from scratch, what would your goals be?  Who would you work with?  What would you offer them?  How would you structure your days/weeks.  Compare this to your current business.  Where are the gaps?  What needs to shift?

2. Make a new plan, Stan. Based on your insights above, decide if you need to change your business model.  Determine which marketing strategies work best with your strengths and FOCUS on implementing one at a time. You don’t have (and it’s likely not possible) to do this all at once.  Chart your course and take it at your own pace.

3. Get yourself free.  Systematize everything you do so that you can delegate it to a team member or EVERGREEN the whole thing so that you can scale the results with ease!

I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling all of these gals: it IS possible to have a business that supports and sustains you (rather than the other way around).  That’s what I’m talking about when I say Profit & Chill. 

It means having a business doing what you love to do, how you love to do it, with the people you love to serve.  It also means doing it in a way that fuels and funds your life, however that looks for you

If you want more leverage, sustainability, and scalability in your business, so that you can chill more while profiting more too, I’m your gal!

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some resources with you over the next few weeks to help you do just that.

In the meantime, join the free Online Profit & Chill Facebook Group for inspiration, support, feedback, advice, promotional opportunities, exclusive group goodies and more!


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