Your backend systems shouldn't feel chaotic or overwhelming or keep you up at night. You want a business that supports you and your dream lifestyle while letting you be (mostly) in your genius zone without having to manage a big(ger) team.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and chaos and say hello to streamlined systems and ops.

You’ve hired the coaches, joined the masterminds, put in the late nights, and gone down more YouTube rabbit holes than should possibly exist ... because deep down you know there's a better way.

And, while any given day in business can be a roller coaster of dragons to slay and fires to put out, that shouldn’t be your every day or even most days.

Here's what most coaches won't tell you ...

You've built this beautiful, messy, crazy thing from the ground up ... duct-taping this, trying that ...

Until you get your systems and processes in shape, chances are you're leaving time and money on the table and inching your way ever closer to burning out.

This doesn't have to be a huge undertaking!

You can have streamlined systems and stick to what you do best.

I help service-based business owners create successful online businesses.

But not just any old online business. I help people design their dream lifestyle business and then actually CREATE it. Not just dream about it or create a fancy vision board…but BUILD it, LIVE it, MAINTAIN it and GROW it.

And when I say “dream lifestyle business”, I’m talking about your ideal lifestyle business. Not mine, not some other guru’s, YOURS. That means no cookie cutter solutions. When we work together, I create custom strategies, solutions and systems tailored to you.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working behind the scenes of many successful six and seven figure businesses. I’ve seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve learned what it takes to create an empire that doesn’t rise up and rebel on you.

I know I can help you too!

I am the calm voice of reason that will keep you and your business on track and moving forward ... gracefully!

Hey, I'm marta!

  • You build the business to support you and your lifestyle and not the other way around

  • You can feel confident bringing on new clients knowing that everything will run smoothly and they'll feel valued and taken care of

  • When inspiration strikes and you want to try or launch something new, there's a system in place so that no detail falls thru the cracks

  • Every team member knows exactly what they should be doing and when -- no more micro-managing and worrying that something isn't getting done or not getting done properly

Streamlined systems and processes means...

Suzanne Falter

Marta Costa is a calm source of wisdom and efficiency in the midst of the usual whirlwind of running an Internet business. Marta also has a powerful command of all things technical, and has built me some of the best web sales pages I’ve used in this business. I feel blessed to have her on our team — and hold her directly responsible for shepherding me through two hugely expansive years in my business!

"I hold her directly responsible for shepherding me through two hugely expansive years in my business!"

COACH   CHEERLEADER   BUSINESS STRATEGIST    IDEA GENERATOR   WISE COUNSEL   Systems Strategist   Dir of Ops   Launch Manager   Wing-woman

Looking for a little help to  get some systems set up or a little organization in your back office so that you can take it from there?

Systems Setups

We'll take a deep dive into all of your systems and processes and map out a plan to take back your time and increase your profits.

Systems Audit

Most PopuLar

For those who already have good systems in place and are looking to up-level their reporting. 

No more winging it or relying solely on guesswork.

custom dashboards

How I Can Help

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The business you are dreaming of is just around the corner...

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