Get ready, I'm about to show you how to have a freedom-based business.

Hey you!

Not having the mental bandwidth to take on one more thing or worrying about your tech or systems being a bit of a sh*t show---shouldn't be the thing holding you back from making sales or launching your next big idea.  

If your backend systems are a hot mess it's not just causing you and your team headaches, it's like having too many tabs open on your computer, silently leaching away at your mental bandwidth and chipping away at your confidence and ability to keep moving your business forward!

Listen---you are amazing at what you do!

 You have a signature system that gets your people wonderful results. You're going on all cylinders and you know, you JUST KNOW, that you are right there on the cusp of having everything you want.

The thing is...your inbox is overflowing, your intake and onboarding processes are non-existent or have serious gaps, you feel like you're constantly reinventing the wheel or putting out fires and that's just the beginning. The SCARY THING is that you've got all kinds of opportunities you're scared to tap into because you just can't handle one more thing!

When it's time for a top-shelf ops person, get one who's seen and done it all!*

Managing your people, processes and projects

*yes, even the hubby in his underwear trying to crawl behind the couch to not be seen on camera -- #nojudgementzone 🤷 * #zoomfun

I'm Marta Costa and I've been an online entrepreneur since 2008.

Originally I started out as an administrative Virtual Assistant learning everything there was to learn to build an online business.  

Along the way I discovered that I really enjoyed partnering with my clients and creating custom solutions for them based on their individual goals, lifestyle, and priorities.

These days I'm an Online Business Manager & Systems Strategist.  What does that mean for you?  The bottom line is that it's my mission is to help you live yours!

That's where I slide in, laptop in hand, wonder woman to the rescue!

Reading + Learning #allthethings

Designing custom systems and processes based on business needs

Spending time with my family

Getting to the beach every chance I get

Things I really love...

my greatest priority is...

Helping as many business owners as I can achieve their dream biz lifestyle.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions that work in the long term.  You have to do the work of excavating your vision and create the systems that align with that.

I believe that...

Create a business that lights you up and support you and your lifestyle matter what they are.

my goal is to help you...

– James Clear

"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."

Favorite Quote

I live outside of Dallas with my husband, kiddos and dogs.  Life gets a little hectic from time to time, as it does for everyone.

You too?

Why not put systems in place to control what you can to make the time, energy, and bandwidth for the things that you can't??

I'm obsessed with figuring out how to help coaches and service providers like you create backend systems that serve and help you scale.

At the end of the day

Whether we work on a one-off project, a series of them, or you bring my team and I on for an extended engagement...know this...that business you dreamed of having...before it all got a little can have it.  

When it's time for your back end systems to go from 'hot mess' to 'hot damn!..

let's work together

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