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When we’re learning about marketing and building a business, it’s so easy to become detached. To see the people on our list as numbers or dollar signs, or open rates. But I don’t. I see you. I think about you and wonder how you’re doing. I check out your websites and social media profiles and I’m cheering […]

5 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck

hire an online business manager
Strategy, Team Management

One question I receive a lot of the time from potential clients is, ‘how do I know if I’m ready to hire an online business manager?’ Some key things should be in place before hiring an online business manager and bringing them onto your team. In this post, we will be covering all the different […]

How to Know You Are Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager

Strategy, Team Management

So you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant or online business manager but can’t decide which one is right for your company? Many different factors should be considered when making this decision. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast an OBM role vs a virtual assistant role to help you make the best […]

Ultimate Guide: Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant

List Building, Sales Funnels, Strategy

Last week I started a series on where I reveal some of my favorite and top-performing sales funnels. We started off with the Free Gift Funnel. If you missed that one, you can catch up here. This week we’re going to talk about the next layer to add to your offer stack. I made you […]

The funnel that converts your looky-loos into buyers

Sales Funnels, Strategy

In my neck of the woods, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and if I sit in my office for too long I start to feel like I have ants in my pants!  I just want to get outside, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block. Today I’m busting out […]

The One Funnel You Need Right Now


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel? Like you’re constantly going and going but not actually getting anywhere? You’re not alone, I’ve had countless people tell me the same thing. We’re constantly being bombarded with marketing messages leading to the next big thing that you need to implement in your business. […]

The thing that will get you to cross the finish line (because pure grind and hustle can only get you so far…)


I hated the idea of list building. It felt sleazy. It was the internet marketing equivalent of a telemarketing call. It was the perfume girl at the mall, peddling some flowery concoction for eighty bucks an ounce. Try it. Come on. Come on. You’re going to love this, honey.  For years, I didn’t pay attention to […]

The List Building Mistake That Messed With My Business

List Building, Sales Funnels

We’ve been having a really powerful conversation over here. In the past week, during my Feel Good Fortune Formula Sessions, at least 3 different business owners had the ‘aha’ that they’ve been spending all of their time on activities that aren’t actually growing their business. One gal, R. realized that the membership site she’d been […]

How to have a biz that supports and sustains you (instead of the other way round!)

I help service-based business owners create successful online businesses.

But not just any old online business. I help people design their dream lifestyle business and then actually CREATE it. Not just dream about it or create a fancy vision board…but BUILD it, LIVE it, MAINTAIN it and GROW it.

And when I say “dream lifestyle business”, I’m talking about your ideal lifestyle business. Not mine, not some other guru’s, YOURS. That means no cookie cutter solutions. When we work together, I create custom strategies, solutions and systems tailored to you.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working behind the scenes of many successful six and seven figure businesses. I’ve seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve learned what it takes to create an empire that doesn’t rise up and rebel on you.

I’m sure I can help you too!

I am the calm voice of reason that will keep you and your business on track and moving forward...gracefully!

Hi, I'm Marta. 

You started this business to have more time, freedom and money so you could enjoy your life but you've hit a wall and you're almost at the point where you can't take on another client, or launch another thing until you've got things under control.

I've been there.  And I've got you.

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